I have too many. Right now they all exist in “Google Notebook” phase. But once I get my act together I will post  more details here and if anyone is interested in joining me on any of them – let me know! (Disclaimer: some might exist already)

  • As of May 30th, 2009 – as recommended by my party guests – formalizing the “Bollywood Cranium” game into something marketable in India and abroad.  See here for photos of past parties in 2007 and 2009.
  • Blog about Vegetarian Dining in the Washington DC area – not just going to vegetarian restaurants, but going to regular restaurants and seeing how well they can cater to vegetarians (e.g Fogo de Chao apparently has an amazing salad buffet)
  • Some sort of travel documentary about vegetarian cuisine around the world – both about how vegetarianism is perceived in some countries and how easy it to find vegetarian food in different countries
  • NaanSense Radio show – how to continue it – maybe online broadcast?
  • South Asian literary magazine with submissions from all over the country – poetry, prose, etc.
  • Open a tea house and performance space (Teaism meets Busboys and Poets)

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