Day 4

  • Random Thought:: When we look back at our lives in ten, twenty, fifty years are we going to dwell more on the things we did do or the things we didn’t do? What is stopping us from doing what we really want to be doing? Practicality? Peer pressure? Social conditioning? Fear of failure?
  • Inspirational Individual(s):: My friend Naina who started a nonprofit organization with her family. Check out the Coalition for International Initiatives. Actually, Naina was inspiring even before this venture. 🙂 We, along with Yodit, were “Mama Tunnels” for the Tunnel of Oppression in 2007 and her positive energy, honesty, and passion have stayed with me ever since then. (Also, if you want to have a green wedding, let her know)
  • Musical Musing:: Playing for Change – Chanda Mama
  • Innovative Idea:: she28. Watch the video and try not to be moved. At she, we believe that a girl’s life does not have to stop every 28 days because of her menstrual cycle. Missing up to 50 days of school or work is not only a “blood cost” to women and girls, but to their families, communities, and nations as a whole.
  • Goal Update:: Yeah…about that….pretty much failing at everything. This is my 4th post in a month and I have barely practiced any musical instrument. I do sing to myself in the car. Maybe that counts. Consider it tuning.

One Comment to “Day 4”

  1. Interesting that your random thought has sort of come up again… Also, consider this a reminder to post a Day 5!

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