Day 2

I never said that these 100 days had to be consecutive. 🙂 Please see previous post for explanation of 100 Day Challenge.

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  • Random Thought:: How can one be “born Jain” or born as any religion for that matter? Aren’t you just born into a family that practices a certain religion and that’s how you learn the rituals, values, etc.? I feel like it is ultimately my decision based on my own thought process. There is nothing in my genes or in my DNA (this is coming from a non-science major so please excuse the inaccuracies) that makes me Jain. Not being rebellious, just thinking…
  • Inspirational Individual(s):: Today I am inspired by the entire YJA board who planned the 2010 Jain Convention. There is so much planning and work that goes into it and I am just amazed at the result. You all literally created a space for 700+ people to come together not only to network and discuss but to spark conversations that turn into relationships for years to come. You deserve not only 3 days of sleep and a vacation but my eternal gratitude and respect.
  • Musical Musing:: Interviewing Aradhna, Christian devotional group on the radio show today. Playlist here. I like all but I like Jaya Deva a lot.
  • Innovative Idea:: Karma Tiffin – “Karma Tiffin is an experiment in gift economy lunch service.  We deliver organic, vegetarian, homemade meals in tiffins (stackable steel lunch containers that are extremely popular in India).  Meals are served as a gift, and recipients are encouraged to pay the gift forward in whichever way they are inspired.” I also love the quote they have on their site: “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi
  • Goal Update:: I practice my bansuri (bamboo flute) for about 20 minutes last week! It was….interesting to say the least. I did some scales and then tried some of the things that Ankurbhai taught me. I need a plan otherwise I am just going to dilly dally with my practice and unsuccessfully try to copy songs.

2 Comments to “Day 2”

  1. TIFFIN!

  2. Per Jain philosophy, it’s related to the types of karma that you accumulate in your previous life that help define the next. Check out aghati karmas. At least from the Jain perspective, that’s related to being born into a Jain family. That doesn’t really make you Jain though.

    Also, Time Magazine ran an article (~2003-2004) the God Gene. Wikipedia had a nice summary:

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