Midnight Infomercial

Sometimes I forget that a blog post does not need to be paragraphs long, gramatically correct, or particularly insightful. I’ve always wanted to blog more regularly but I never feel like my writing is adequate or my subject matter interesting enough. I break all blogging rules by thinking that way I guess. So, here goes 🙂

Midnight infomercial: Do you live in DC and want to be “in the know” about open mics, poetry slams, drum circles, and other fascinating events? Do the words “social justice, “activism”, “arts”, “youth empowerment”, or “education gap” resonate with you? (Trick question). Do you…Do you…..have a first aid kit handy?

Ah….it is getting late here and I am getting further and further away from making my point. If you answered yes to any of the questions above or even if you didn’t you should still check it. What’s it? My dear friend Jonathan Tucker’s new and awesome blog. Yes, that’s really his name and yes, he knows that there is a movie about him.

I encourage you to not only read his latest post about another friend of ours, Henry Mills, but to attend the events he is writing about. Guaranteed good time.  You should also check out his incredible poems including al dente, djali come save me (my favorite so far), national happy hour, pick me, and this rock.

A wise woman once said ““Jonathan Tucker is such a delight. He has a way of putting his thoughts into words that make you laugh, cry, ponder, and question all that there is to question in the world. To put it simply, Jonathan is an inspiration. He weaves art and activism together in his own work but he also devotes so much of his time to introducing arts and activism to youth. Personally, I don’t know how he finds time to do all of the things that he does but I know that nothing will stop him from being a mover and a shaker for the rest of his life. His incredible talent, unstoppable energy, unwavering enthusiasm, and warm heart enable him to make a lasting and powerful impact on every person he meets…myself included.” Click here to read more about this delight.

In other news, I am just hearing about the shootings at the Holocaust Museum in DC. Weird to be far from home at this time and not sharing in the compulsive CNN watching – washingtonpost.com refreshing frenzy. It really makes me think about what can happen in just a split second. In this case, for both the victim and the shooter. Something must have snapped to make him/her do something like this. Makes me wonder about the root cause of such incidents. Anyway, all speculation right now.


2 Comments to “Midnight Infomercial”

  1. “Something must have snapped to make him/her do something like this. Makes me wonder about the root cause of such incidents.”

    I truly believe we’re living now at a critical point, where all the pressures of culturally inherited conversations have/are/ and will continue to erupt like mini volcanoes with their emotionally distraught lava leveling out culture while those who engage in the work of cleaning out their own pipes of consciousness work diligently, consistently, often with no recognition quietly toiling away “active” in their writing, singing, dancing, connecting various threads of people together into “braided ways” of sorts.

    Let us continue to hold our metaphorical hands and increase our capacity to hold each other’s pain and joy, while giving space for our own expressions.

    -spewings of an overactive mind …

  2. HI!!
    Miss you!
    Love to read your blog.
    Life is so unpredictable;Destiny always seems to be one step ahead of us. What we plan for the future and what really happens? one never knows.
    Make the most of the circumstances, enjoy life.

    Love you always,
    Kothary family

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