India Itinerary!

I’ll be in Bombay for the first 3 weeks visiting family. After that I will be away for 5 weeks doing InSPIRE ( Here is our itinerary . I will post updates as often as I can (but I must admit, I am looking forward to being “disconnected” so don’t be surprised if it’s one epic blog post in August)

June 26 to July 5: Ahmedabad, Gujarat 

Introductions of participants and of the program. Orientation. Expectations. Cultural context. Meeting Indian-Americans who are involved with work in India. Introduction to ‘education’ in India. Introduction to ‘Gandhian’ thought. Experiencing the reality of the slums of Ahmedabad. Experiencing the ‘spirit’ of service being lived and feeling the power of relationships, love, and positive thought. Becoming inspired.  We will be staying at the Environmental Sanitation Institute (ESI) campus. 

July 6 to July 12: Sendhwa, Madhya Pradesh 

Exploring alternates in education. Create your own project. Active participation in farming, teaching, cooking, health treatment, etc. Experience of living in a village and exploring rural life. Adivasi (tribal) rights. Session with inspiring leaders pertaining to social justice issues and people’s movements. Exploring various notions of development and progress.  We will be working with and staying at Adharshila Learning Center

July 13 to July 18Near Nagpur, Maharasthra 

July 19 to July 22Delhi 

July 23 to July 31Near Mussoorie, Uttaranchal

Interactive sessions about decolonisation and Gandhi, and further exploration of the self, the other, society, nature and the inter-relations of each. Introduction to Jeevan Vidya philosophy. Supplementing this with exposure to village life and re-looking at the purpose of education. Exploration of our own sense of responsibility and contribution through daily, hands-on work (shramdaan). Tuning into our senses through activities such as rafting and trekking in nature. Holistic picture.  We will be staying at the Society for Integrated Development of Himalayas (SIDH) campus.

July 31 – August 2Dehradun, Uttaranchal 

In-depth look at farming issues in India through a series of workshops on India’s Green Revolution, farmer suicides, use of pesticides and fertilizers, the possibilities of organic farming and its benefits and environmentally sustainable living. Participation in organic farming, gardening, and composting. Fostering an awareness of what we are consuming, where it comes from and how it affects us and others. We will be staying at the Bija Vidyapeeth campus.

August 3 to August 4Delhi 


4 Responses to “India Itinerary!”

  1. Aparna,

    You’re one of the most thoughtful and dynamic people I know and applaud your courage in taking yourself on in ways that most don’t even know are possible. I am convinced that the inquiry of the self, self understanding, and self freedom is inextricably linked to working for the liberation of the society’s self. That engaging in breaking one’s self down indeed is an act of activism in intangibly deep ways.

    I look forward to reading your journeys and being fueled by them. I am also working on creating a consist blog recording my own process, give it a look when you get a chance, and feel free to comment as it speaks to you.

  2. missing you lots!

  3. i dont remember any rafting!! do you Aparna?
    haha… this itinerary is very misleading to participants, yuh?

    missing you!!!


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