found this email to a friend sent on 9/11/01

found this email that I sent to a friend (who, sadly, is no longer with us…) on 9/11 as soon as I got home from school. one thing that I didn’t mention was something that happened on the bus on the way home. I was staring out the window and an older Sikh man wearing all white and a turban came to school to pick up his grand-kid i’m guessing. someone on the bus pointed at him and said “man…that’s a terrorist.” this was the day of 9/11, not the day after, not two weeks after, but the day of. talk about foreshadowing. So today, I remember not only those who lost their lives and their loved ones on September 11th but those who were affected in the aftermath.

Check out this report put out by SAALT on the backlash against South Asians.

From: Aparna Kothary <>
>Subject: Re: WHAT THE……
>Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 15:03:46 -0700 (PDT)

hey, i know how you’re feeling. today was just a crazy day. and its not gonna be jsut today, this is gonna effect the rest of our lives. our principal came over the pa system and told us that the world trade center was attacked and all, and shge told all thee teachers to keep their tvs on all day and we learned that the pentagon was bombed too. now that got me scared. cuz my dad works in dc and i tried calling him but i wasnt getting an answer, and mann i was crying. not only because i was afraid for my dad but because of this whole thing. its unreal, i still cant believe it, but i better start, because it really did happen. and it makes me soo angry when i hear people saying we shoudl bomb whoever did this to us. now what woul dbe the point in that, killing more innocent people? yeah, thats great. we would be doing to them just what they did to us. well, luckily my dad is ok, and i thank God for that, but i cant imagine how many people arent ok. its crazy. its making me soo angry, i cant even express it. but there sure are some crazy people in this world. all day at school i was whining about how i wanted to go home, and now that i’m home, its no better. we’re still in America, and its scary how close we are to DC, 45 freakin minutes. that is scary. i always thought that american was such a safe place, and when i hear about all that crap on the news i always think ” oh, it will never happen here” but now i know that i’m terribly wrong. arite well all this is giving me a headache. thanks for listening. and dont worry, you didnt sound corny. you made alot of sense. i cant believe how some people arent takig this seiroulsy at all. it is serious. dead serious.

people died. arite, ill stop

thanks again for listening


You can also check out this clip of a documentary released by SAALT called “Raising Our Voices: South Asian Americans Address Hate” – full documentary to be available online soon!


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