5 minutes to save a life – are you in the bone marrow donor bank?

If not, there are some drives coming up in the area! all it takes is 5 minutes to fill out a form and swab some of your cheek cells. that’s all it takes to possibly save someone’s life. it’s one thing not to be lazy about. if you’re not already in the donor bank, check out http://www.samarinfo.org/drives.htm

they also send individual kits to people.
sorry for the randomness but i’ve been following http://www.helpvinay.org and http://www.helpsameer.org for awhile through their website and blogs. and even though Vinay was in remission and rehab for some time, it’s such an invasive disease and he kept relapsing. anyway, he passed away today and even though it’s not a personal loss it’s still kind of jarring. I just feel like there’s so much we can do as a community. There are over 2.7 million South Asians in the US and only a small percent are registered in the bank. It is a fact that South Asians and APIA’s are more likely to find a match within their community – so please, take the initiative and REGISTER yourself today!

Some more information:

rom SAJAforum, the newsy SAJA blog – new South Asian stuff daily:

In March, we wrote about the passing of Sameer Bhatia, one of two South Asian men whose struggle with leukemia had caught the imagination of South Asians and others across the U.S. We are sorry to report that the other young man, Vinay Chakravarthy, 29, passed away this morning.

“We are devastated at our loss today,” said a spokesperson for the Chakravarthy family. “Vinay was an amazing soul who inspired all of us with his will to live. We take some comfort in knowing his journey may have saved lives through the campaign, and in all the lives he touched with his love and spirit.”

Vinay, through HelpVinay.org and Sameer, through HelpSameer.org, used their illness as a way of mobilizing the community and bringing attention to the lack of South Asians in the national bone-marrow registries.

Vinay was featured in a April 16, 2008, PBS/WGBH special, “The Truth About Cancer,” taking on the question, “how far have we come in the war on cancer.” If you aren’t registered in the registry (I am, having signed up at a SAJA Convention drive some years back), please do so.

** Watch the PBS video of Vinay, read more about him, learn how you can register and post YOUR COMMENTS, THOUGHTS, etc – we will make sure the family sees them:



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