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January 31, 2008

Not all technology is detrimental to indigenous societies

January 15, 2008

The MV Explorer…it means alot to me

My horoscope for Jan 15th precedes my blog post about the Reunion Voyage:

Your ship is finally coming into port after being out in the rough seas for so long, Aparna. It is time to pull into the harbor and dock the boat for a while. Relax on dry land and explore the neighboring area. There is nothing wrong with getting off your vessel for a while. You may not even have realized how much you missed solid ground until now. Remember what it is like to be stable again.

I always feel so odd being melodramatic about going and coming back from the reunion voyage because it’s such a pleasure of privilege…privilege that I was able to go on the voyage in the first place and privileged enough to make it back for not one, but two reunion voyages. All in the span of two years. There are obviously so many other things going on in the world to be dramatic about but in my own little bubble….this is it for me. So, here goes.

Semester at Sea Alumni Reunion Voyage 2008 (January 10th-14th)

Ft. Lauderdale –> Belize City, Belize –> Ft. Lauderdale