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August 1, 2006

SAS videos

Bahamas, Embarkation, around the ship, Riki 4086, Crew, Crew Talent Show
2- Venezuela
3- Brazil, Neptune Day, South Africa
Salvador, Welcome Reception, Clean up the World, Neptune Day, Desmond Tutu, Township Choir, Skydiving, Township, District Six, Robben Island, UCT, Table Mountain
4- Mauritius
Mahebourg, Bois Cheri Tea Plantation, Crocodile Reserve
5- Sea Olympics
random pics and movie clips from the whole event
6- India, Birthday, Myanmar
Global Nomads, my birthday, Yangon, Golden Rock
7- Halloween, Diwali Community College
the Aparnas
8- Vietnam, Hong Kong, Bering Sea Social
Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta, School for the Blind, Cao Dai, Cu Chi Tunnels, Victoria Peak, Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery, St.John’s Cathedral, Tai O, Po Lin, Lantau, Light show, Sea Social
9- Japan
Kyoto, Hiroshima, Shukkein Garden, Hippo Club Homestay, Osaka, Nara, Kobe
10- Ambassador’s Ball, Improv Pirates, SALSA
11- Hawaii, Convocation
Honolulu, convocation- a capella group
12- End of the Voyage
packing, San Diego, diskembarkation, parents, farewells (Mark, Jose, Tyler, Alicia, Armand, Sufen, Hot Rob, Kyle and Erica, Melissa, Pete) medical staff song, Dean Tymitz’s farewell message (it might make you cry)
13-Shiplife, Friends
random pictures, Travel Lit review session, Melissa’s bday, Street Fighters, Halloween, big waves, laundy day, Xango, karaoke (Armand, Mark, Pete, “cuz i got high”, “you’ve lost that loving feeling”, Brian-BSB, “drop it like its hot”, Dean Tymitz-Margaritaville, YMCA, Hey Yahh
14-Flowers from around the world