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May 6, 2006

Tunnel of Oppression 2006 Reflection

May 6th, 2006
Tunnel of Oppression Reflection

Over 1200 people walked through the tunnel this year. That’s 1200 people who were affected by something we did. That feeling is probably one of the most incredible feelings I have ever felt. Granted by involvement this year was behind-the-scenes and only towards the end, I still feel proud of what we accomplished and would like to thank everyone else who worked on the tunnel for allowing me to tag on in the end. I truly wish I could have worked on a room and I have lots of excuses but I basically didn’t have time semester. Ok, enough about that. Constructing the tunnel was indeed stressful and I think people walked out of Stamp at midnight on Monday with long faces and the miserable feeling that they would be up for a long time that night. Needless to say, many stayed awake for hours (myself included printing out papers, frequenting Kinko’s, gluing, stapling, and basically getting stuff ready for the next day. We got to Stamp at 7am the next morning and rushed to put the finishing touches on everything before opening time at 10am (which was delayed until 11am but whatever).

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