You know you went on SAS fall 2005 when:

So for some reason I can’t sleep and I just talked to some SAS people, the Guster song came on my playlist, I watched the voyage DVD last weekend w/ Glenn, Carri, and Jess, and I just got a package from Lindsay with a Sudaka CD and a picture from the Brazil Welcome Reception. Now all of this happened in the span of a week so I got kind of nostalgic about SAS and….Glenn just told me that it’ll be almost 6 months since we got back. So I started thinking….and here are the results(in no particular order):
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You know you went on SAS Fall 2005 when:

  • You get angry when people ask you what those tattered colored strings are on your wrist ( and you think that the army should use that material for fatigues because its the most durable material you’ve ever seen)
  • You still have to bite your tongue when you hear people talk about the countries we visited
  • You light up at the words “ocean, ship, travel, voyage, world,” and even “semester”
  • If you find anything else with the acronym SAS (e.g. Scandinavian Airlines) it makes you angry
  • You have at least 1 album on SAS pics on Facebook/MySpace or if you are really old school…Friendster

  • You feel smug because you know people all over the country
  • You miss Taco Day
  • You stare out your window and wish you were looking at the ocean instead of concrete
  • You are still more tan than your friends ( this one doesn’t apply to me)
  • SAS Reunions, no matter how small, are your source of happiness
  • You try to wear your capoeira pants but people just give you strange looks
  • “Where in the world is Myanmar?”….you realize that nobody really knows
  • Your friends don’t ask you about SAS anymore but you still have so many stories to tell
  • You refuse to throw away those disgusting sneakers because they climbed the Great Wall, Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, Table Mountain, etc.
  • The bulk of your hard drive on your computer is SAS pics/video
  • You still have the network drives for the public folder on your computer and you wish you could still use them
  • You listen to Allan’s song from time to time
  • You tried to make somebody listen to the condom song but they didn’t find it funny
  • You are still bitter about the Bering Sea not winning the Olympics(fine, maybe that’s just me) but you wish you could bang in your white tee like the Aegean Sea
  • Your SAS hoodie just isn’t cool to anyone besides you
  • Sentences that begin with ” When I was on SAS” make peoples eyes glaze over
  • You are looking for any and every reason to travel
  • You get upset when people complain about petty problems and you help them “put things into perspective”
  • You feel yourself sounding obnoxious….but then you realize that it’s kind of justified
  • Everything you bought in India still smells like India. Actually, everything still smells like India
  • You still have a little bit of unpacking to do
  • That scrapbook you kept talking about never really materialized but you keep telling yourself that it will
  • You are jealous of the Fall 2006 itinerary
  • You wonder what it would be like to do SAS again but when you see other people on “our ship” you get jealous
  • Daylight Savings Time? psssh….you lost 24 hours in 3 months. How can you complain about a lousy 1 hour?
  • There are those certain songs that just make you stop and think of SAS ( Romanian Techno song, Guster-Careful, Call on Me, etc.)
  • You know people who you have to ask them “where are you” instead of “how are you”
  • KMurph’s voice still resounds in your head
  • You can do a perfect imitation of KMurph or know somebody who can
  • You still remember Michael Pujlu’s “antics” at the Improv Pirates Show
  • The image of Dean Tymitz dressed as a woman will forever be stuck in your head
  • Tanya Storch. Enough said
  • Global Studies notes on the public folder….
  • You are embarrassed by the “incident” in front of the campus store on one of the last nights…
  • Window washers make you laugh
  • You know you will never see as many guys dressed in bikinis and one piece bathing suits. Sigh…indoor synchronized swimming
  • You won’t admit that you were relieved that everything in South Africa was in English
  • Kenya is a touchy subject
  • You wish more people in this world were like Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
  • You get upset when people don’t know who he is and you launch into a long winded explanation of who he is and what he did
  • You bought something from the store right outside the ship in Vietnam
  • You have a hat from Vietnam and are tempted to wear it but don’t
  • Who needs malls when you have the Scott Market, Ben Than Market, Spencer Plaza, Stanley Market, the waterfront mall in SA, Long St., Ocean Terminal mall in HK…
  • You went to or at least walked by Mitchell’s
  • You rode a motorcycle in Vietnam
  • You know where Mauritius is.
  • You think that the Cape Town sunrise is one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen
  • You agree that the SAS Mekong Delta trip should be renamed “Food of the Mekong Delta”
  • You got lost in the mall in Hong Kong
  • You consider getting through the Cu Chi tunnels a big accomplishment in your life
  • You got a cheap but sometimes questionable massage somewhere along the way
  • You were happy to find out that the ABC stores in Hawaii took Yen
  • You remember the Ambassador’s Ball Dessert Buffet and you start drooling
  • Manny taught you how to fold paper napkin flowers
  • You always wondered how much money those kids who played poker every night in the Deck 5 Dining Room were making
  • Ehhhh….SALSA! still resounds in your head
  • You hope your college graduation has amazing convocation speakers like we did
  • You actually know what a Global Nomad is
  • You wish America would learn a thing or two from Japan. For example, heated toilet seats and flushing noises for “stage fright”
  • You still wish that the gangway was on Deck 2 instead of Deck 5 on the last day.
  • You will never do the “YMCA” dance again without thinking of pinata heads and crazy karaoke.
  • You are tempted to get some friends together and dress up as a rickshaw for Halloween.
  • You understand that although we were the “Good and Bad” Aparnas for Halloween, we are both good in the end. šŸ™‚
  • You know that all the cool people came to our Diwali Community College. Sorry if you missed out.
  • You hope that the students who ran Students of Service will one day run this country
    leave them in the comments section!


  • You flew on an at least one airplane that had some type of technical problem
  • You still crave one of Rico’s smoothies
  • You get upset when people ask you how your “cruise” was
  • You traded at least one malarone for a drink ticket
  • You know all the words to living on a prayer and have sang it on at least three continents
  • Your favorite TV show is the map channel
  • Angie

  • Realizing that finding your sea legs is important when hit with a typhoon šŸ˜‰
  • “Bad” Aparna

  • You remember trying to call home to ask if you needed to Japanese Encephalitis shot and how there were only five lines out
  • You made friends with pursers square employees bc you bought so many phonecards and internet minutes
  • You skipped class every other day to get smoothies on seventh deck
  • You used a high wave day as an excuse to not work out
  • Ginger ale was the drink of choice (anti sea sickness)
  • Your profs ran out of class ocassionally, green in the face….and so did you
  • Oh man…Spring 06 just docked this morning and I watched in on a live webcam of San Diego port ( yes i’m a loser) and then Tania and Brian called me from the dock because they went to go see the ship. Saddest moment of my life. This whole experience just hits you in waves….and this was a big one.

    aparna148: and omg, this trip will never end
    aparna148: ya know, the voice told me that once
    aparna148: in Vietnam
    aparna148: she said, you know you think come dec 7th this will all end
    aparna148: but this trip, these people, these moments…they keep going


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