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April 28, 2006

You know you went on SAS fall 2005 when:

So for some reason I can’t sleep and I just talked to some SAS people, the Guster song came on my playlist, I watched the voyage DVD last weekend w/ Glenn, Carri, and Jess, and I just got a package from Lindsay with a Sudaka CD and a picture from the Brazil Welcome Reception. Now all of this happened in the span of a week so I got kind of nostalgic about SAS and….Glenn just told me that it’ll be almost 6 months since we got back. So I started thinking….and here are the results(in no particular order):
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You know you went on SAS Fall 2005 when:

  • You get angry when people ask you what those tattered colored strings are on your wrist ( and you think that the army should use that material for fatigues because its the most durable material you’ve ever seen)
  • You still have to bite your tongue when you hear people talk about the countries we visited
  • You light up at the words “ocean, ship, travel, voyage, world,” and even “semester”
  • If you find anything else with the acronym SAS (e.g. Scandinavian Airlines) it makes you angry
  • You have at least 1 album on SAS pics on Facebook/MySpace or if you are really old school…Friendster

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April 10, 2006

No human being is illegal

April 9th, 2006

Inspired by the protest against HR 44371 “Immigration Reform” bill tomorrow…..

Once upon a time
In a land not so far away,
I went in for an interview
Only to hear the employer say

I don’t want to hear your name
Spare me your affected presentation
Before you even say a word
Let me see your documentation

But I’ve lived here all my life
I was born here, I say
You got some color in you?
Maybe you should just stay away

This, is the aftermath
Of H R 4437,
Recently proposed
Never gonna be imposed
Anti-immigration legislation

How can you be anti-immigration?
How can you be so naïve?
I’d like to see this country function,
Once you ask us to leave

This country was built
On the backs of those who came before
How ashamed they would be
If they could see what we’re fightin’ for

You want to build a fence?
Well it’ll only make us madder
Go ahead, build your fence
We’ll just build a taller ladder

Now please don’t try and tell me
That you came here “legally”
If I recall correctly
Weren’t there people here before you and me?

You took over their land
Did they give you permission?
Oh wait, you didn’t ask them.
You forced them into submission.

Now the tables have turned
The past is back to haunt you
Go ahead, try to pretend
That the future doesn’t daunt you.

So you target illegal immigrants
Under the guise of national security
Misplaced suspicion and unwarranted blame
all overflowing with obscurity.

You say we take your jobs.
But hold up, hold up, wait.
Funny how the highest wave of immigration
Coincides with the lowest unemployment rate

“I’m not a terrorist, I’m a dishwasher”
Read one of the protest signs.
I’m not even going to explain it.
Read between the lines

Immigrants we are,
Illegal we may be.
But stop and ask yourself
Will this really work effectively?

Transformed into felons,
Forced to live in fear
Living in the shadows
Afraid to shed a tear

You give local authorities
INS jurisdiction
Allow them to arrest, detain, and deport
With such convoluted conviction

Since when did helping someone out
Become a punishable offense?
You say we’re all children of God
But now what’s your defense?

You think you can get away with this
Because we don’t have voting rights?
But maybe you forgot
Not all of your constituency is white

Now plese don’t get me wrong,
I’m not trying to be racist.
But just look at who supports this.
Take a close look at their faces

You think this is justified?
Think again, my friend
The repercussions are endless
I can’t even begin to comprehend

Do you think that this is funny?
Do you think this is a joke?
Then you better run for cover,
Prepare for the fall-out you provoked

11 million people
Wait, let me say that again
11 million people
Now just let that sink in

You can give it a fancy name,
Isolationism, Protectionism?
But let me tell you what it really is
Racist Ignorant Subjectivism