January 1st, 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wishing you all ( and by all I mean the um…3 people who read my journal) a prosperous and happy new year. Some new year’s resolutions:

1) Try to get people to stop using “gay” as an adjective. It never really fazed me before but now every time I hear someone say it it makes me kind of mad. It’s so important for us to accept alternative lifestyles and using a phrase like that is a step in the wrong direction. That’s just my opinion though- but don’t be surprised if I try to get you to stop saying it. No hard feelings!

2) Manage my time more wisely.

3) Finish this SAS movie before winter break. I know the scrapbook will take much more thought and time.

4) Attempt at keeping in touch with SAS people.

5) Appreciate what I have.

6) Investigate seriously into teaching English in Japan after I graduate.

Ok I think that’s ambitious enough!

On to something else- I’ve started reading The Great Railway Bazaar again which is a book we read excerpts from for my Literature of Travel class on the ship. It’s written by Paul Theroux (not the same person who wrote Walden) and it’s a hilarious travelogue. The good thing about it is that you don’t actually have to read it cover to cover- you can skip around and it will still make sense. Here’s one of my favorite passages:

” Because it was still early, and because Indian villagers seem to think of railway tracks as the margin of their world, there were people crouched all along the line, shitting. At first, I thought they were simply squatting comfortably to watch the train go by, then I noticed the bright yellow hanks under them. I saw one man; he portended a hundred more, all facing the train for the diversion it offered, unhurriedly fouling the track. They were shitting when the train pulled in; they were still at it when the train pulled out. One curious group- a man, a boy, and a pig – were in a row, each shitting in his own way. A dignified man with his dhoti drawn up squatted a little distance from the tracks. He watched the train go by and he looked as if he would be there for some time: he held a large black umbrella over his head and a newspaper on his knees. Indeed, he seemed the perfect symbol for what a man in Delhi had called “The Turd World”.

If you’ve ever ridden on a train in India you can just picture this scene in your head.


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