Don’t worry- I will post my Vietnam journal before we reach Hong Kong (that only gives me 2 days but if I don’t do it then I’ll never do it). I am having such an amazing time! haha sorry to put you out there Vish but this conversation that I’m having with you right now made me laugh so I thought I would share:

lilVish87: hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lilVish87: how are you?
lilVish87: where are you?
xoAKxo: vietnam
xoAKxo: where are u
xoAKxo: hows American
lilVish87: American is awesome….america- not so much
lilVish87: but you know
lilVish87:  haha
xoAKxo: hahah
lilVish87: yeah….so hows Vietnam? awesome i bet
xoAKxo: amazzing
xoAKxo: we’re leavng tomorrow though
lilVish87: did u see any ‘Nam battle sites?  like from the war?
xoAKxo: just today
lilVish87: was it sad?
xoAKxo: incredibly
xoAKxo: did u know that here they call it the American War
lilVish87: remember how Iraq is the new ‘Nam b/c we’ve already killed over 2000 men
lilVish87: really? thats interesting/they should
lilVish87: they should call it the neverending american war that ruined their lives and didn’t accomplish anything

Ok, sorry. Anyways, we have a pretty crazy schedule from here on out. We leave tomorrow night and then in 2 days we are in Hong Kong. After 5 days in Hong Kong we are at sea for 3 days and then we’re in Japan for 4 days. Aaah! And I have SO much schoolwork to cram in those few days, not to mention a salsa performance, SOS auction, etc. etc. I LOVE IT! 🙂 We decided to have “cry time” every day where we all get together and get all our tears out (and eat chocolate). I can’t imagine leaving this ship, these people, and this experience. It’s too much for me to handle right now. Aah I’m getting teary-eyed just thinking about it. Enough sadness for tonight- it’s our last night in Vietnam!

Oh yeah, did anyone catch this article on CNN?

It’s about a cruise ship that was attacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia. They were on their way to Kenya. I applaud SAS and iJET for making the conscious decision to reroute us to Mauritius instead of Kenya. That DEFINITELY could have been us. We are still on pirate watch though I believe.

Ok hope all is well at home!
Happy belated Diwali and Salmubarak!!!

Love to all!


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