Hi!! Just enough time for a quick update from Brazil. Jed, Pete, and I are in an Internet cafe right now in Salvador (the upper city). I have been having an amazing time here but it~s a little bit sketchy at night…we come back to the ship to sleep. A bunch of people have been getting mugged and pick-pocketed so our guard is definitely up. Don,t worry- we are all fine.
A quick update of what Ive been up to- first day we walked around and then went to the Welcome Reception at night. It was soooo much fun. Sudaku (i just have to remember the name of the music group…and try and find it on amazon) they were FANTASTIC. then yesterday we went to the beach and then to a movie for my phil. and film class. the movie was AMAZING. more about it later. as for today, we just walked around a bit and did some shopping. no ig plans fo r tonight. hopefully going out somewhere!! everyone else is ding bahia by night. ok time up. sorrrry for all the spelling and grammar mistakes.

love to all!!!!


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