Today was fun in a relaxing sort of way. Amy, Jed, and Shane went to the beach but I wasn’t in a beach kind of mood today…that and I really needed to by sneakers since I left mine at home by mistake. 😦 They were too expensive but I had no choice…Anyways, it was nice just to walk around by myself for awhile because everything has been so crazy the past couple of days. Don’t worry, it was safe. There were a couple cruise ships docked today so there were people EVERYWHERE. I’m still not a big fan of the Bahamas. It’s too laid-back and humdrum for me. I like the beach but I’m not in the beach mindset right now lol. I guess it’s a good place to relax if you’re in a nice hotel. Speaking of nice hotels, I was walking around and ran into Ashish and his parents. We went to Dominoe’s for lunch then went back to their hotel for a little bit. It was beautiful! HUGE and right on the oceanfront. Ashish and I left and went to the Pirate Museum which was pretty interesting. Not worth the $12 but it made me feel productive. I also would have regretted not going so it worked out well. The guy outside was hilarious…he was dressed up like a pirate and he was really into it so it was funny. The museum was well done but kind of tiny. After the museum I ran into Amy, Jed, and Shane on their way to Hard Rock Cafe so I went with them. We’re back at the hotel now and we’re all feeling pretty lazy. Not sure what we’re doing tonight…OK, here are some more pictures. Hope everyone has a good first week back at school! Sorry I couldn’t be at the car wash on Sunday…how did it go? Missing you all!

Image hosted by

The view from Ashish’s balcony.

Image hosted by

An exhibit from the pirate museum. I just really like the way the picture came out!

Image hosted by

The guy outside the pirate museum!


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