Counting down the days….

A couple updates:

  •  My phone won’t be working after midnight on Thursday
    because I am at odds with ATT/Cingular so I canceled my service. We’re
    thinking of switching to Verizon or Sprint and getting a family plan.
    Any opinions?
  • Tropical storm Katrina is stirring up some bad weather in the
    Bahamas. The forecast predicts sever thunderstorms for the next week or
    so! I hope our flights don’t get delayed….
  • Go see The Rising- Mangal Pandey.
    I really liked the movie, it was interesting, entertaining, and overall
    a quality movie in my opinion. The songs are pretty good too. I
    remember learning about the cartridge incident before (the British East
    India Company greased the cartridges for the new Enfield rifles with
    cow/pig fat. To load the rifle you had to bite the end of the cartridge
    off and then empty the gunpowder into the barrel. Cows are considered
    sacred to Hindus and pigs to Muslims so it was a big controversy). This
    movie really expands on it and highlights the incidents leading up the
    sepoy rebellion that played such an integral part in India’s fight for
  • Check this out!!! Email from SAS 
    • "I am very happy to share with you some exciting news about
      our upcoming voyage of discovery.This semester we will have the
      incredible opportunity to meet Archbishop Desmond Tutu when he travels
      with us from Brazil to South Africa.  The Archbishop has been a
      friend and contributor to the program on a number of
      occasions since he last sailed aboard ship in 1992.  As a very
      charismatic and engaging lecturer, the experience will surely be
      as mutually memorable as it has been on each prior occasion.  We
      will certainly look forward to welcoming the Archbishop to
      our shipboard community." I am so incredibly excited! Here's a good
      link with information about him-

In conclusion, I am terribly excited! It’s 2:30 am right now so I guess
I should go to sleep before I get started on how excited I am. 🙂

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Nisha!!!!! I hope you have an awesome birthday.


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