so all is good with Semester at Sea…Univ of Pitt. will give transcripts for all voyages through Spring 2005. Thank goodness!!!!!
Anyway, here is a limerick Nayan wrote me (I love it!) after I wrote him an interesting one:

gr8oNe214: there once was a girl named apu
gr8oNe214: people like her…there were few
gr8oNe214: she doesnt watch b-ball
gr8oNe214: she’s gonna be at sea in the fall
gr8oNe214: and i think i’ll miss her most of all

This is the one I wrote Nayan(with added comments):

xoAKxo: there once was a boy named nayan (that’s me)
xoAKxo: and he’s guju so you know he ain’t payin’ (damn right)
xoAKxo: he woke up one day
xoAKxo: and realized the errors of his way
xoAKxo: so now if you ask him for money he’ll say OKAY! (definately a lie)

This one is more of a rap than a limerick…but it’s awesome nonetheless. It’s written by our very own Jay ISA…or Jay USA shall we say? see i can rhyme too!

my name is aparna and i just want to warnya
when i get my bbq on, it’s fresh like garnia
i may be light skin
but you bet i like gin
so be wildin august 6 and i’ll adornya
we got good food and we play nice beats
we have clean fun please no skeets skeets skeets
but come night time
it’s my prime time
party on till dawn till liquors gone, after the feast.
if you like these rhymes, come over and recline
no sin cosine, just coronas with lime and fine wine
good times and dine
mmm, it’s dyno mite
drop a line, drop a dime, if you will be so kind.
come august 1, save your food stamps
the rolls is delish, the yams wont cramp
if it gets dismal
i got pepto bismol
or the metamucal if you old like my gramps

This one is awesome too…can you believe Vik came up with this on the spot?

apu’s my boo
2 years in college in still no booze
gotta luv it
hater’s gonna hatee…rise above it
everytime i see ya u got a smile on ur face
i’ma miss ya at sas but that’s jus sumitin i gotta face
i remember bak in the day
i would say a cuss word n u’d be all in my grill
bak in the day when we would all jus chill
not a good time when u came to cville
remember that?
u were sober i was on some koniak
all toe up
fa sho…but now we all grown up
gotta face responsibilities gotta be mature
gotta make sure u got enuff papur
no more str8 shots wit a coke chaser
we too old for that
wut am i sayiin? how is this a rap?
we needta go out… party les get it cracked!
i’ma see u when u come bak from abroad..until then..my rap
‘s gonna take nap

New limericks/raps/poems currently being accepted.
Exercise your creative juices!

just do it…it’s summer…you don’t have anything better to do! (i’m sure you do but i bet you’re not doing it…at least not right NOW)


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