not a happy camper

looks like as of now i’m not getting any academic credit unless another “accredited institution” picks up where Pitt left off. i guess it’s time to start thinking of some contingency plans…any ideas?

Here’s the email the UMD study abroad office sent me:

As you may already know, the University of Pittsburgh has terminated its
sponsorship of Semester at Sea. We have just learned of this and
contacted Semester at Sea and the University of Pittsburgh to confirm.

We only accept credit for study abroad programs that issue transcripts
from an accredited institution. It is not our intention to cause you
undue panic but rather to let you know we are informed of the situation
and monitoring it closely. You may read a few more details of the story
at the link below – we have also been told by Semester at Sea that they
are in negotiations with other schools to issue transcripts and award
credit. We can’t predict how this will unfold but it is important that
you have all the facts and we will relay any new information we have to
you as soon as it becomes available to us.

Sorry for this disappointing news but perhaps it will have a happy ending

Michael Ulrich


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