To Do List

I think makings lists is in my genes(have you met my mother? 🙂
Anyways, this is more for my benefit so I can remember what I have to do

  • Re-read Harry Potter series before my pre-ordered 6th book comes
  • Read ALOT (suggestions welcome)
  • Make a website for my SAS voyage
  • Buy a laptop (HELP!)
  • Buy a digital video camera ( again, help!)
  • Watch documentaries (one a week w/ the Ab wheel, right Jilna? haha)
  • Go to the gym- yeah we’ll see about this one…
  • Learn how to swim properly(Parth?)
  • this is currently in progress

  • Go white water rafting
  • Girls trip (to NY? or to see Shawn!)
  • Do more USINPAC stuff
  • Pick up sitar again and keep with it- thank goodness I’ll have a single in commons so hopefully I can practice (CSPAC is so darn stingy with their practice rooms)
  • Take a trip to Salisbury once Meera comes back
  • Research SAS trips for independent travel (please please please give me suggestions- look at my itinerary in the entry below)
  • Get my Visas
  • Play more board games! (like MindTrap and Trivial Pursuit the GENIUS edition)
  • See more performances at Freer/Sackler ( they really have some amazing ones
  • Go to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Who’s coming with me?
  • See Preethi perform at the Kennedy Center (June 11th-Millenium Stage-BE THERE)
  • Go for more walks
  • Go to Georgetown, Adams Morgan, etc. more often…basically take advantage of being close to DC.
  • Organize all my pictures, videos, CD’s(real ones, not digital)
  • Learn how to french braid my hair (any takers?)
  • See long-lost FUSYE buddy!! 😦
  • finally i can cross this off my list! today was AWESOME…7 hours of nothing but FUN (and an envelope covered with Hong Kong sightseeing tips) i miss you already….

  • Stop playing Snake on my phone

Anything else? besides “get a life” or things of that nature…


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