only one more week left..

Can you believe that at the end of next week we will have finished our sophomore year? These two years went by way too fast. Next year we’ll be juniors and counting down the days until graduation!

Time is a strange thing. It passes by much too quickly exactly when you don’t want it to. Take this semester for example; in more ways than one it was a semester of “lasts”

<li> The last semester we have to spend with Meera, Kinj, Ruby, and maybe (but hopefully not) Shawn. Fortunately, Meera and Kinj will be in Baltimore but Ruby will be all the way up in Boston! It’s going to be so strange not to see you guys everyday… </li>
<li> It’s our last semester on North Campus. Next year everyone will be all over and we won’t be just a 5 second walk from each other. I think we really take it for granted how close we live to each other! </li>
<li> It’s our last semester of DINER FOOD!!!! I think the only things I might miss are Taco salads, scallopped potatoes, stir fry, cookies, oh and that crazy ranting lady from Sprouts.  </li>
<li> It’s my last semester here before I go on Semester at Sea!!!!! Hopefully I’ll be able to see all of you this summer before I leave (oh yeah go mark August 6th on your calender- i’m having a big picnic). </li>

These past two years have been so awesome that I can’t even begin to sum them up.
Meera, Kinjal, Ruby- just know that you will be missed!


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