chattin with Xtina

so Christina and I had a nice chat tonight…she gave me some very interesting things to think about. (Christina- I hope you don’t mind me putting your ideas out there!) Anyway, so the most interesting thing we talked about was state-sanctioned suicide. I never really thought about it like this…

Basically, Christina was saying (correct me if I’m wrong) that if someone really wants to commit suicide there should be a procedure for allowing them to do so. If they express interest in committing suicide they should report it to the state and they would go through a LENGTHY approval process including thorough psycoanalysis, career planning, and every type of counseling possible to deter the person from doing it. However, if a certain number of years have passed and the person is still feeling depressed and suicidal the state should allow them to administer their own lethal injection. Her main point was that when someone commits suicide they are limited in their means; gun, knife, pills, or rope. Now imagine the person who finds their friend/relative in the resulting state….bloody, lying in their own feces and vomit, hanging from a door frame, etc. Inevitably they would be traumatized for life and they wouldn’t be able to erase that image from their mind for as long as they live. Seeing something like that would affect them in immeasureable ways.

I realize that this is concept is really depressing, sombering, and controversial but I thought it was an unconventional take on the issue and an expansion on the physician-assisted suicide/euthanasia debate. However, I think I’m too much of an optimist to agree with it. I am a strong believer that all people are inherently good and that they are a product of their surroundings and upbringing. The optimist in me tells me that there will always be another way to solve your problems; one that doesn’t include suicide. The optimist in me refuses to believe that suicide could be someone’s last resort. I guess since my life is relatively void of pain and suffering (thank goodness)I find it hard to relate to such feelings. My problems seem so petty compared to the problems of many others, but then again it’s all relative.

(I hope i didn’t offend anybody with anything i said. I know suicide is not a joking matter and my intentions were not to trivialize it in any way)

comments appreciated!


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